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Whole Body Approach

That headache you've had for months, the weird rash on the back of your arm, inconsistencies in your bowel habits, and anxiety that seems to be getting worse daily-- these symptoms are likely all connected and affecting your hormone health.

What is a whole body approach?

Remember when you were a kid and you would get nervous about doing something and get a tummy ache? That's our body's way of telling our brain "Helllllllo are we sure we want to do this?".

Those same signals continue to follow us into adulthood. Maybe you're dealing with changes in your hormones and simultaneously having changes in your digestion or adult acne (definitely something I can help you with).

Your Entire. Body. Is. Connected.

Every signal in one area sends a signal to another. Meaning that your low energy, mood swings, issues with weight, and lack of motivation or brain fog are each continuing to feed off of one another.


More than just "what are you eating"?

Yes, OF COURSE I'm going to ask you about your diet. But, we're also going to talk about your mental health, your stress levels, and your sleep.

We'll talk about those uncomfortable topics like sex, libido, and bowel habits.

I want to know EVERYTHING about your health. What makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad.

Do you like to meditate to reduce stress or do you scream to a song at the top of your lungs while driving? (Maybe you do both)

These questions help me figure out what type of treatment plan will work best for YOU. 

"I'm a little nervous, I haven't gotten better in the past."

The reason we talk about all of these things, is because I want ALL of you to feel better. I don't want to minimize one symptom just to create another.


Although your main concerns may be digestive or hormonal health, we'll cover other aspects of your health because you are a complex, freaking powerful machine that requires lots of love and care.


By working with me, you'll learn to take better care of yourself, love yourself more, watch yourself heal, and learn how to keep these powerful tools even after we're done working together.


If you're ready to see major improvements in your physical and mental health, set up a 15 minute telemedicine appointment with me! 

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